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Our Story

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The Story of MaxxTaxx

When the real estate market began its dramatic change several years ago, Dustin realized many of his clients had questions regarding their taxes. 


It was out of this need to further assist his client that Dustin later made the decision to learn the tax game and create Maxx Taxx. However, as with most great things, he knew he couldn't do it alone. Luckily, his wife (and high school sweetheart) Lisa was supportive and offered to help with start and manage the business.  


Now, almost a decade later, both Lisa and Dustin are both registered and authorized tax preparer with the IRS and have gone on to receive certificates from the accredited National Tax Training School. 


More than that, MaxxTaxx is Dustin and Lisa's lifestyle. They have raised four girls together and created a business model in line with their family schedule and values Now, with a relatively empty nest -- expect  their youngest returns home for University holidays-- they continue flexible hours and constant accessibility to help the busy families they relate to all too well. 


MaxxTaxx's mission today is what it was many years ago when Dustin conjured the idea: to help as many families as possible.  

To learn more about the founders and our team, please click here

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